Sweet potatoes or Yam?

Here is a fact that my daughter will immediately call “bizarre”. Sweet potatoes are not potatoes and Yam is not sweet potato! In fact all of these similar looking tubers are very different, Yam was brought to the west from Africa where it’s known as Nyami. Then why is orange fleshed sweet potato known as […]

You are what you eat!

What you put into your mouth everyday, starting from the time you were born to your entire lifetime, has a profound and lost last effect on your health, longevity, quality of aging and even your mind. Just like our body and brain, foods are mind-bogglingly complex and are constantly transacting at atomic level with every […]

Are Bananas Berries?

Botanically speaking strawberries and raspberries aren’t really berries. They form out of a single flower with more than one ovary. True berries are fruits stemming from one flower with one ovary and typically have several seeds, like Banana. Counterintuitive names huh?