About Nutramaze

Just figuring out what to eat is a huge chore if you are one of the few informed enough to make the right decision. A dinner conversation frequently leads to a discussion about what is good for you and what is not. For example, age old wisdom says you should eat butter but the research says its loaded with saturated fats which are bad for your heart. Same goes for the coconut, which until recently was known for the heavy load of bad fats has suddenly transformed into health food, so much so that grocery stores now carry a full aisle of coconut oil, coconut water, coconut sugar, coco everything.

The science of nutrition is complex and often conflicting, we are constantly told by diet pundits to cut out whatever dietary scapegoat is currently held responsible for out thickening waistlines while promoting the current fad diet or superfood. However, what we choose to eat is very personal, and influenced by culture and family and the place we grew up in.

The real recipe to healthy eating is education. Education to analyze scientific information,  age old wisdom and what your mama told you. Unfortunately, internet is packed as much with so much of misleading nutrition information as it is in misleading advertising funded by companies and interest groups.

Nutramaze is an attempt to sift facts from industry funded research and apply some common sense to ancient wisdom. We spend a large chunk of time researching various topics related to nutrition and apply it in our kitchen. What we create is based on such rock solid knowledge combined with our passion for good food, culinary skills and well being always in our mind.

Nutramaze is a place where we share this for the benefit of everyone.