Fast foods: Then and now

Believe it or not, McDonald’s has a food philosophy around how wholesome their offerings are. It has recently turned to fresh beef, real white meat chicken, real eggs and fresh buttermilk. Uh! what were they serving before this? Contrary to what you might think, a trip to McDonald’s in 1989 was actually healthier than it’s […]


Is it one of those mornings when you wake up thirsty, fighting to get up from your bed, aching muscles and feeling still dizzy from all that blast you had last night? Yes, I am talking about you being foolish and getting wasted on serious number of Tequila shots on top of the dinner wine. […]

How fake is your food?

Large corporations in America use every trick allowed by law of the country, and some tricks manipulated by industrial lobby and government nexus to manipulate the food they produce and feed to naive population. This is well known fact that every such industry knows that what they produce is not appropriate for consumption. But to […]

Nourishing The Ecosystem

Bacteria! Ew! The kind of bugs we are always washing our hands to get rid of, the ones responsible for runny nose, bad cough and pesky pimples are actually something that are actually a big part of what we are. Actually, let me go further and say that if you thought our body is one […]


Cinnamon is a sweet smelling spice with a very unique aroma and flavor. The spice goes well with both sweet and savory dishes alike and has been prized for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. Modern research has now confirmed the age old wisdom related to its benefits. Although, there is large number of […]

Nutrition fashion 2017

Every year we come across new crash diet and fashionable nutrition trends that we haven’t seen before. From Quinoa, Chia seeds, Acai berry, Coconut oil, Garinia Combogia to Kombucha tea, people like Dr. Oz and millions of dollars of advertising makes us belief that we have just discovered a new fountain of youth. For some […]

Terrific Turmeric

Like the orange of the rising sun everyday, the one ingredient that was de-facto spice in the kitchen growing up, was turmeric. I don’t think I have seen my mom cooking any curry, soup or dal without it. The yellow orange color it imparted to most of the dishes stays today with me the appetizing […]