Get this Vitamin from wherever you can

Unless you are depressed and suicidal or an idiot, you want to live a long life with great health. But what do you do? You give up on the most important aspect to make that happen and settle on what’s in the kitchen or on the table. For ages, this has been a very well understood fact that you need to load up on green plants and colorful things that grow on trees. All latest research nods on this completely. Yes, nutrition might be controversial subject but everybody at least agrees on this fact.

But what’s in the green vegetables and fruits that’s so important? Well, a number of things, however the one Vitamin in particular that you desperately need and can easily get in a good quantity is Vitamin C.

If you are not getting enough of this, you can pretty much subtract 5 years of your life, on an average. If you are like the other vast majority of people, you may already have a vitamin C deficiency that is robbing you of your youth, health and longevity and making your body vulnerable to a variety of diseases. Just for your cells to do their basic functions, you need about 60mg of this stuff everyday. How much is that? Let’s say about one medium Orange.

If you are still here and want to know what to do, let me get the hard fact out of the way. You can’t just continue to chomp down burger, pizza and chicken nuggets and pop a vitamin C pill everyday. I am not saying that the supplements do not work, it’s just that.. well, they don’t really work as much. If you are like me, I’d suggest that you start with transforming your kitchen with some of these:

Buy a bag of oranges every time you do your grocery shopping. This is kind of an obvious thing to do. You can eat them as dessert or juice them into a 6 oz glass with breakfast. In case you are wondering, No you can’t substitute that with Tropicana.

Always keep chili peppers in your fridge. If you are like me, I add chilies in most everything I prepare at home, sweet bell peppers or really hot chilies, both are great but hotter chilies have higher levels of capsaicin, an important anti-oxidant.

kaleFor greens, always buy some Kale. In addition to twice your recommended daily intake of vitamin A and seven times the recommended amount of vitamin K, a one-cup serving of kale provides 80.4 mg of vitamin C. The nutrition powerhouse also delivers a sizeable dose of minerals and fatty acids.

broccoliThrow some broccoli into steamer and enjoy with your salads and simply some olive oil and apple cider vinegar. This cruciferous veggie provides 132 mg of vitamin C plus a punch of filling fiber for just 30 calories per serving

papayaIf you have never had Papaya fruit, you are missing something. Research shows that eating papaya can help clear your sinuses, brighten your skin, and strengthen your bones. A one-cup serving delivers 88.3 mg of vitamin C. Use raw papaya as vegetables for your curries.

cauliflowerI love Cauliflower. I use them in my curries, in sauteed dish, mashed and sometimes I have even made dessert out of them. Consider a small head of cauliflower gives you a 127 mg dose of vitamin C, plus 5 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein, why would you not?

There are so many other sources of good vitamin C that you can start incorporating into your cooking. All researchers agree that natural sources of vitamin and minerals are way way better than what you can get from a pill. You can of course continue to have that too because overdose of this vitamin is not toxic. It is safe even at ridiculous dosage of 10,000 mg but I am betting it’s hard for us to exceed a 1000.

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