You are what you eat!

What you put into your mouth everyday, starting from the time you were born to your entire lifetime, has a profound and lost last effect on your health, longevity, quality of aging and even your mind. Just like our body and brain, foods are mind-bogglingly complex and are constantly transacting at atomic level with every cell of your body altering their composition, quality and age.

Most of us don’t think it this way but should. Ifruits-kiwin fact, just about the time you start learning the language and mathematics, nutrition should be part of our early education considering the amount of impact it has in the quality of our entire life. What you decide to give cells of your body can make them a fortress armed with anti-oxidants to weather the onslaught of destruction our modern environment creates and help us prolong life and improve quality of our aging process. On the other hand, if your decision is to indulge in that triple bypass burger at the local heart-attack grill, you let the cells of your body be massacred and mutilated leading into early aging, multitude of diseases and even early death. Choice is definitely yours.

Nutrition is a controversial subject. Why? well because there is a plethora of information coming from age old knowledge that sometimes collides with latest research. Further complexities comes from the fact that the nutrition research itself is never perfect, either it suffers from the scale of the research, infeasibility of required duration for conclusive results or simply because there is a bias from an industry funding the research. Take example of the fad that’s created around Soy protein, Whey protein, Coconut, Acai berry, Garcinia combogia, Kambucha tea and the list is endless.

So, where do we turn to get authoritative information? Sorry but there isn’t a single source of truth there. For me, it is finding common grounds on age old wisdom and the latest unbiased research. I started transforming my kitchen a while back based on such findings and a series of posts here is an attempt of mine to share this pursuit.

Hope we all benefit from it.

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